We find the best solutions for each client.

Create your dedicated team and cut on “IT” operational costs.

Olisipo’s team of consultants have skills in all platforms and technologies, which allows us to manage with trust your Information Technology projects. The portuguese talent in technologies is recognized worldwide, such as the flexibility and easiness to communicate in different languages.

Our approach is 100% customized to the client requirements and our teams are selected having the specifics of each project in consideration. Benefict from our infrastructure, knowledge and deliver capacity.
Lisboa City

Lisbon: The perfect city for your team.

Lisbon is a special city: its light is unique. Besides its history, culture and arquitectural beauty, its one of the safest cities in Europe, where the sun shines almost everyday of the day. Nowadays, Lisbon welcomes hundreds of Startups and its turism doesn’t stop growing.

Lisbon is at the same time zone as London and is only one hour away from Central and Northern European countries. Its main airport is only 10 minutes away from the city center.


Tiago Catarino Olisipo