Learn to use JavaScript both server and client-side with Node.jS


This course targets professional developers who are familiar with JavaScript and who want to learn how to use the Node.js to build a Web Server.


Participants of this course need to have a solid understanding of JavaScript and Web Development.


Introducing Node.js

  • How Node Applications Work
  • Event-driven and non-blocking execution environment
  • Understanding and using asynchronous control flows
  • Dependency Management
  • Folder Dependencies
  • Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Task runners (Grunt)


  • Importing and exporting CommonJS Modules
  • Installing external modules with the Node Package Manager
  • Creating a basic http server

Creating web applications with node.js

  • Using Express.js
  • View Engines – Jade
  • View Engines – EJS
  • View Engines – Vash
  • Building the Controllers
  • Building a Service
  • Static Resources
  • Client-side Resources

Creating Services with Node.js

  • Rest services
  • Building a Service with Express
  • Start in Real-time communication with

Accessing Data with Node.js

  • Data Access in Node.js
  • Relational Data in Node.js with PostgSql
  • No-SQL Data Stores for Node.js
  • Installing MongoDB
  • Accessing the MongoDB Server
  • CRUD Data to MongoDB
  • Dictionary databases with Redis

Robust Messaging Services with ØMQ (ZeroMQ)

  • Message-Publishing and -Subscribing
  • Responding to Requests
  • Routing and Dealing Messages
  • Clustering Node.js Processes
  • Pushing and Pulling Messages

Testing in Node.js

  • TDD oriented development
  • Jasmine
  • Mocha
  • Node Inspector
  • Winston

28 — 30 Jun 2021

Laboral — 09:30h/17:30h

18 horas — 3 dias

Live Training



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